The Cloud was made for APIs (300)

Speakers: Bartłomiej Zass

During the past decade, web-centric APIs were the driving force behind explosive growth in cloud computing, mobile devices and Internet of Things and have become the de facto integration model for IT systems in the enterprise. Nowadays organizations of all sizes routinely use APIs to monetize their data and services, open new channels to new customers, and improve agility. APIs are used for integration with internal systems, mobile applications. We will show you how to build, host, expose and integrate your Web APIs with Azure cloud services. You will see how Azure can help in hosting your REST API on App Service, how API Management simplifies exposing it and how Logic Apps can help you in integrating systems together, simply by connecting the dots on the diagram (is it Oracle, SAP, Office 365 or any other). You will learn how to get most of Web APIs with App Service, API Management and Azure Logic Apps.

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