Modern Web Development with the ASP.NET MVC Stack

Speaker: Dino Esposito


This workshop is for web developers who spend most of their time on the server and use client-side frameworks primarily to relief the rendering burden of heavy and cumbersome views and pages. The future of the ASP.NET stack is clear, whether you stick to the current ASP.NET 4.x platform or have plans to migrate to ASP.NET Core. To generate HTML views, you use ASP.NET MVC and that means getting familiar with concepts like routing, controllers, and views. In the workshop, you’ll first see modern and effective ways to structure the layers of the system under the covers of controllers and how UX analysis can help you out. While building a canonical end-to-end web transaction we’ll touch on architecture patterns as well as technical aspects of the ASP.NET framework. Next, we’ll add JSON endpoints and client-side data bindings and the role of SignalR to keep the UI refreshed and responsive. We also talk mobile views and go through built-in ASP.NET features and the external tools you may need to serve intelligent markup. The final module will introduce you to announced wonders and pains of ASP.NET Core.

Workshop outline

ASP.NET MVC at a glance

  • Routing
  • Controllers
  • Views

Architecture Considerations

  • View model and application services
  • Domain model and domain services
  • Persistence model and data services
  • Commands and Events
  • Push notifications

Client-side Data Binding

  • Exposing a JSON Web API
  • Client-side frameworks
  • What’s different with a SPA?
  • Mobile views and Responsive Web Design


  • What’s that?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • When will it be realistically usable?
  • Impact on existing skills and code
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