Migrating to ASP.NET Core: Challenges and Opportunities (200)

Speaker: Dino Esposito

There’s been a lot of buzz in the past year around the new ASP.NET Core and the direction of the new Microsoft strategy for the web and beyond. In a nutshell, Windows is no longer the foundation of the Microsoft strategy; the new foundation is the cloud. The future of Microsoft is all in bringing as many people as possible to the cloud. Subsequently, everything must be redesigned to play well with the cloud. Add to this that the web platform–well-known ASP.NET–is fifteen years old and never experienced a substantial redesign. Same is for .NET. What we know as ASP.NET Core initially started to be just the “cool new version of ASP.NET” but along the way it turned into just one face of the new foundation. If you have some gray hair you may even recall a similar pattern driving the change from ASP to what was then ASP.NET at the beginning of the 2000s.
I have no doubt that with ASP.NET Core Microsoft is paving the road for the next decade. The question, though, is the next decade started yet? In this talk, we take a critical and extremely pragmatic look at ASP.NET Core primarily from the perspective of architects and CTOs looking for guidance. Does it make sense to jump on the ASP.NET Core bandwagon right now? If not, what is best to do meanwhile? If yes, what to watch carefully as possible source of troubles? From data access to integration with IIS and Apache, from languages to real-time, from API to core classes in this talk you’ll get a view of the new ASP.NET well beyond the hype.

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