Functional Programming on .NET with F# – Become a Programming Jedi Now!

Speaker: Adam Granicz, IntelliFactory

F# has seen tremendous success with its functional-first paradigm, script-like syntax and awesome power features that leave anyone speechless. It is now the fastest growing functional language and has overwhelming influence in the .NET language ecosystem. So what is it that makes F# so insanely productive?  Why are companies adopting it like wildfire?

This session will reveal everything you wanted to know about functional programming and F# and get you on your way to become a better developer in just about everything you do now, from working with data sources, user interfaces and microservices to functional, reactive web and mobile development.  Be prepared to be blown away, shaken up and charged up for an awesome ride, and unleash the programming jedi in you to learn F# to beat every deadline, every time, ahead of everyone else.

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