Everyone Loves Docker Containers Before They Understand Docker Containers (200)

Speaker: Alex Mang

Each year the IT world offers a hype-word. The last decade has all been about mobile, cloud, Big Data and IoT. In the context of cloud apps however, monolithic applications have little to offer in terms of HA and DR and their deployment process is mostly an error-prone operation. Curious enough, even though container have been around for many years, the hype word nowadays is containers (along with microservices), and that’s probably because of Docker, who made containers really easy to use. Throughout this talk, I will start from the beginning: what is Docker anyway and why should you care? Afterwards, we will together cover the importance of containers and what Azure has to offer in terms of containers, namely Azure Container Services; and because deploying a single container isn’t part of the real world scenarios, I will also show you how you can manage (aka orchestrate) an application in the real world. Don’t be fooled by the title though! This session will not be exclusively about Docker, it will be about containers, about Docker images, about orchestrating containerized applications, about Azure Container Service, about deploying ASP.NET Core Applications to Docker Containers in Azure and about configuring release pipelines in Visual Studio Team Services and taking advantage of Docker containers.

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