Deadly Sins of .NET Developers (200)

Speakers: Piotr Spikowski, Marcin Nowak

.NET is a large platform on which millions of developers are creating their solutions every day. Modern, fast, multi-language are only a few of the words which may come to your mind these days. You grab the latest library, check documentation, requirements and write your code. You aim for perfection but… are you absolutely sure that you have fully escaped from the ghosts of the past trying to sneak into your implementation?

In this session we’d like to present some of the mistakes and anti-patterns made by .NET developers which we hope will not haunt you. We will show some common categories of mistakes found in real and large-scale applications which can be classified as .NET deadly sins. Those sins can be code, design or even architecture related. For every sin a redeeming should be available thus we will also present possible solutions and ways allowing you to avoid and not repeat those sins.

Join us to get inspired how to improve your code quality!

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