CQRS for… everyone! (300)

Speaker: Maciej Aniserowicz

CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) became a very attractive and trendy topic during several last years. At it’s core it is a simple concept, but sometimes it is presented in a way that seems very complicated and overly pumped with not-so-obvious terms. During this talk I will show you how I understand and implement CQRS in my systems. We won’t get excited about the definitions and buzzwords: we will focus on the heart of this concept, which does not have to be overwhelming. We will write some code that can serve as a part of a bigger application or be a starting point for building a more complex system. Pragmatism and common sense required! We will talk about not only HOW to apply CQRS, but what is the PURPOSE of it. I will prove to you that some of the everyday, common practices are not actually needed in many systems and can be replaced with something… simpler.

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